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Tabata Tuesday 7/2

Wow y’all. It’s JULY!

And it’s been a longgggg time since posting a workout on here!


Better late than never?

Cause this one is kick-butt.

Ready to rock?!

equipment: medicine ball & dumbbells

tabata format: 20 seconds on / 10 seconds rest alternating between each exercise (A/B) for 8 total rounds (4 minutes per set)

  1. medicine ball burpees
  2. med ball plank w/ straight leg lift (right leg full 20, then switch next round)
  1. bent over underhand rows
  2. weighted jacks
  1. sumo squats
  2. squat med ball toss
  1. rolling push-ups with med ball (one hand is on ball, push-up, then roll ball to other hand, repeat)
  2. russian twists w/ med ball
  1. low lunge wide curl
  2. high knees w/ medicine ball
  1. curtsy upright row
  2. skaters w/ med ball
  1. side plank
  2. med ball burpees

Have fun team!

Also, it’s extra fab if you listen to this playlist while you sweat!

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