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Tabata Tuesday 4/9

Ready to crush another Tuesday?!

Same here!

Especially cause today’s line-up included two of my all-time favorite moves.

Can you guess which ones?

…renegade rows and swings!

Have fun friends!

(reference this post for a Tabata basics refresher and these pages for exercise descriptions)

Equipment: dumbbells; mat

  1. Burpee + 4 Air Jacks
  2. Push-Up + 4 Mtn Climbers
  1. Shot Put Squat
  2. Squat Jumps
  1. Renegade Row
  2. Skull Crusher (hips elevated)
  1. Fly / Underhand Row
  2. Side Shuffle Touch
  1. Reverse Lunge Pulse Knee Drive
  2. Running Starts
  1. Swings
  2. Broad Jump Shuffle

*MASHUP: start and end with Burpees; pick your 6 favorites to do in between

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