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Tabata Tuesday 4/23

Hey y’all! I think Spring is officially here.

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping.

A gorgeous day to crush a workout!

Have fun friends!

(reference this post for a Tabata basics refresher and these pages for exercise descriptions)

Equipment: one extra heavy dumbbell; pair medium dumbbells; mat

  1. Down Dog Touch + Burpee
  2. High Knees (4) + Double Butt Kicks (4)
  1. Goblet Squats (heavy weight)
  2. Arnold Single Shoulder Press
  1. Renegade Row + Tricep Push-up
  2. Alternate Weighted V-Ups
  1. Mtn. Climbers (4) + Lateral Plank Walk
  2. Plank Position Weight Pull-Through (heavy weight)
  1. Reverse Lunge Pulse (heavy weight)
  2. Running Starts
  1. Squat Pulse Build
  2. X Squat Jumps

*MASHUP: start and end with Burpees; pick your 6 favorites to do in between

Notes: heavy weight should be at least double your medium; “build” means increase the number of pulses each rep (i.e. squat and pulse once, squat pulse and twice, squat and pulse thrice…)

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