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Tabata Tuesday 4/1

It’s the thick of March Madness season, which typically is a huge deal for a KU Jayhawk fan.

But #strugglebus this year – so no final four appearance.


But we can still celebrate the last round with some fire rounds of Tabata using a medicine ball.


Oh yes.

(reference this post for a Tabalata basics refresher and these pages for exercise descriptions)

Equipment: dumbbells; mat; medicine ball

  1. Mountain Climbers (on ball)
  2. High Knees (option: hold ball)
  1. Lunge & Curl (dumbbells)
  2. Figure 8 Jump Lunges (with ball)
  1. Russian Twist and Press (with ball)
  2. Rolling Push-up (alternate hand that is elevated on ball)
  1. Alternating Squat Kick (push ball out when kick)
  2. Squat Jumps (option to hold ball)
  1. Skull Crusher & Chest Press (hips elevated; use dumbbells)
  2. Squat & Press (dumbbells)
  1. Skaters (with ball)
  2. Burpees (with ball)

*MASHUP: start and end with Burpees; pick your 6 favorites to do in between

Rock it team!


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