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Tabata Tuesday 3/26

First #TabataTuesday post heyyoo.

The last couple rounds of this one are fierce. But I know you can power through!

(reference this post for a Tabalata basics refresher and these pages for exercise descriptions)

Equipment: dumbbells; mat; gliders

  1. Squat Curl Press
  2. Hop Burpee Shuffle
  1. Lateral Lunge w/ Bent Row
  2. Skaters
  1. Weighted Russian Twist
  2. Renegade Rows & Pike Pull (feet on gliders)
  1. Alternating Squat Kick (weights racked on shoulders)
  2. Low Squat Jump In/Out
  1. Reverse Lunge & Wide Curl Press (foot on glider to slide back)
  2. Jump Lunges
  1. Swings
  2. Commando Burpees

*MASHUP: start and end with Commando Burpees; pick your 6 favorites to do in between

Rock it team!


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