Simply Sustainable eBook

Hey Friends!
Thanks for joining me on my mission to become a
conscious consumer.

As a recent college graduate and young professional living in New York City, I understand the importance of creating (and sticking to) a budget. As a nutrition nerd, I am passionate about cooking nourishing meals (and treats) that are healthy and delicious. As a nature girl, I recognize the necessity of purposeful purchasing and reducing waste. And I believe all three of these passions can not only co-exist, but also support the others. So I created a compilation of my thoughts, methods, tips, tricks, and recipes!

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Hopefully you can glean some tidbit of knowledge from these pages and adopt a lifestyle tweak.

Simply Sustainable eBook

In this guide you’ll find…

some recipes…

and worksheets to help turn the inspiration into action.

Simply Sustainable eBook

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Thank you all for the support of this project and your willingness to strive to become conscious consumers.

Wishing you all the best!
– Katie