lower body

General Lower Body:

  • Lunge:
  • Lunge Twist:
  • Lateral Lunge:
  • Reverse Lunge:
  • Curtsy Lunge:
  • Low Squat Lunge Combo:



  • Squat: weight in heels; with/without weights racked on your shoulders (front squat), held at chest (goblet squat), or down in middle (pile squat)
  • Narrow Squat: feet closer than shoulder-width apart
  • Wide Squat: feet wider than shoulder width; toes pointed slightly out
  • Pulse Squat: pulse 2-3 times at the bottom of the squat, then return to standing
  • Squat Kick:



  • Swings:
  • Hip Bridge: laying on your back, bend your knees so your feet are flat on the floor; push hips up to the ceiling, squeezing your glutes; return hips to the ground; repeat
  • Plank Kick Back:
  • Table Top Kick:
  • Squat Wide Kick:



  • Bridge Extensions:
  • Deadlift:
  • Single Leg Deadlift:



  • Calf Raises:
  • Toe Squats:
  • Mountain Climbers: