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Thrive Market Goods

Thrive Market is my go-to for pretty much all non-perishable items. They have an incredible selection – all offered at discounted prices. All of my favorite brands are available, and their “Thrive Market” private label items are also very high quality.

Here’s a low down of what I love to order:

Thrive Market Brand:

  • coffee
  • fire roasted canned tomatoes
  • pasta sauce (basil or roasted garlic)
  • canned pumpkin
  • canned seafood
  • baking flours
  • maple syrup
  • coconut aminos
  • almond milk
  • coconut milk
  • rice cakes
  • prunes
  • apple cider vinegar
  • dijon mustard
  • pickles
  • spices
  • bone broth
  • peppermint essential oil
  • mouth wash
  • vegan protein powder
  • vitamins
  • grain-free granola
  • turkey jerky sticks

Other Favs:

  • Eat Seedible (best sweet tahini)
  • Plant Snacks (all of them)
  • Farmhouse Culture (kraut crisps)
  • Vegan Robs (cauliflower puffs)
  • Siete Chips (nacho & ranch)
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers (“everything” flavor)
  • Simple Mills (pizza dough mix / crackers)
  • Pacific Foods (hazelnut milk)
  • Good Karma (flax milk + protein)
  • Four Sigmatic (hot cacao mix)
  • Cocokind (chia facial oil)
  • Dr. Bronners
  • Lesser Evil (paleo puffs and popcorn)
  • Love Beets
  • Nut Thins
  • Purely Elizabeth (choc sea salt granola)
  • Banza pasta
  • Cybele’s Free to Eat Pasta
  • Unreal (quinoa pb cups & gems)
  • Artisana Organics
  • Yogi tea
  • New Primal (bbq sauce / cilantro lime sticks)
  • Chomps (turkey sticks)
  • Lundberg Farms rice cakes
  • Stasher bags
  • Beeswrap
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Mori-Nu silken tofu
  • Lily’s Chocolate
  • Hu Kitchen Chocolate
  • Alter Ego Chocolate
  • Pamela’s Products (grain-free pancake mix)
  • Cocokind Skincare
  • Ancient Nutrition (collagen)
  • Mike’s Curry
  • Califia Farms (barista blend)
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(some of) My Favorite Brands


  • Healthy Human (12oz / 16oz cruisers)
  • Stasher Bags (my fav reuable bags ever)
  • Beeswrap (reusable cling wrap)
  • Preserve (bamboo spork)
  • Cocokind (facial oil)
  • Frank and Whit (best face masks)
  • Athleta (go-to workout apparel)
  • Ellie’s Best (nut milk bag)
  • Honey & Bee (jade roller)
  • Dr. Bronners (non-toxic cleaning)
  • Ninja (favorite blender for 8 years now)


  • Paromi Tea (Cinnamon Chai is my fav)
  • Teecino (herbal coffee)
  • Gaia Herbs
  • Kicking Horse Coffee
  • Thrive Market Coffee (decaf is Swiss method)
  • Four Sigmatic (hot cacao and turmeric latte mixes)
  • Spindrift (raspberry lime is the best)
  • Healthade (small batch kombucha)


  • Oat My Goodness granola
  • Soulfull Food (superfood cereal)
  • Purely Elizabeth granola (Chocolate Sea Salt is my fav)
  • Birch Benders (paleo pancake mix)

Snacky Snacks

  • Lundenberg Farms thin rice stackers
  • Thrive Market rice cakes
  • Farmhouse Culture kruat crisps (dill pickle flavor is the best)
  • Plant Snacks (beet goat cheese flavor is amazing)
  • Vegan Rob’s (turmeric chips and cauliflower puffs are addicting)
  • Beanfields (tortilla chips made from beans!)
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers (everything flavor)
  • Simple Mills (cheddar flavor = cheezeits)
  • Hippeas (BBQ for the win)
  • Siete Tortilla Chips (ranch yum)


  • Emmy’s Organics
  • Unreal Snacks (crispy peanut butter cups are my fav)
  • Rigonia di Agousa (honey & jams)
  • Lily’s Sweets Chocolate
  • Pass the Honey (actual honeycomb!)

Nut / Seed Butters

  • Georgia Grinders (hazelnut butter? yes please.)
  • Soom Tahini
  • Eat Seedible (sweet tahini is unbelievable)
  • Crazy Richards (best creamy almond butter)
  • Artisana Organics (raw nut butters)
  • Soom Foods Tahini (the chocolate is heaven)
  • Purely Pecans pecan butter (now on Thrive Market)


  •  Medlie: SUNFLOWER
  • Misfits Market: SUNFLOWER20

Meat / Seafood

  • Chomps (turkey sticks)
  • New Primal (cilantro lime stick is fire)
  • Safe Catch (canned seafood)
  • Hempe (chickpea / hemp tempeh)

Dairy / Non-Dairy Subs

  • Fage Greek Yogurt
  • Lavva non-dairy yogurt
  • Wunder Creamery quark (like yogurt)
  • Malk “milks”
  • Elmhurst “milks”
  • Califia Farms barista blend / creamers


  • Ancient Nutrition (collagen)
  • Vital Proteins (collagen and creamers)
  • Further Food (collagen and turmeric mix
  • Wylde One (adaptogens)
  • Nuzest protein: SUNFLOWER
  • Terra Origin bone broth proteins
  • Vega Salted Caramel Protein

Pantry Staples

  • Thrive Market Pickles
  • Dignity Coconuts coconut oil
  • Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Banza pasta
  • Simple Mills pizza dough (and other mixes)
  • Cybele’s Free to Eat pastas

Baking Staples

  • Live Glean (sweet potato, beet, cauliflower flours): SUNFLOWER
  • Bob’s Red Mill (everything)
  • Everland Foods (shredded coconut)
  • Soom Foods Silan (date syrup)
  • Manitoba Harvest (hemp hearts)

Sauces / Dips

  • Zubiate’s Cocina (vegan Jalepeno queso oh my)
  • Sir Kensington’s (best ketchup  and honey mustard ever)
  • Yellow Bird Sauce (agave sriracha)
  • Siete vegan queso
  • Thrive Market Dijon and Whole Grain Mustards


  • Earth Table
  • Primal Palate