about me

Hey friends!

Welcome to The Sunflower Files – I’m honored that you popped on over to check it out!

So what do we have goin on over here?

Healthy desserts to HIIT circuits.

Sustainability guides to veg-loaded goodness.

And many other of random musings in between.

A pinch of puns. A dollop of deliciousness. And – most importantly – a dash of joy.

And the gal behind the files? The culinary curator? The fitness fanatic? The environmental enthusiast?

Hey. I’m Katie!

A NYC transplant who will forever be a Kansas girl at heart. I traded wide open spaces for my dream job right out of school – and it has been an incredible adventure.

I’m an Excel-loving desk junkie by day. I’m a group fitness instructor by morning, evening, and weekends. I’m a creative healthy recipe developer and nutrition nerd by the moments in between.

I grew up in the kitchen (Jiffy cornbread and fruit salad were my specialties), but it wasn’t until a celiac diagnosis while in college that I developed a passion for whipping up truly delicious, nourishing food. Cause healthy doesn’t mean flavor-less right?

As life-long athlete, I’ve always enjoyed being active. Golf, soccer, swimming, competitive figure skating…been there done that!

Now a days, I love to share that passion for exercise through teaching various formats of group fitness (hiit, treadmill runs, core conditioning, etc.) at multiple gyms around the city.

I graduated from college with finance and marketing degrees to support my “real world” career. Yeah, I have a classic corporate desk job! My budget-conscious nerd side occasionally surfaces through this platform as well – hopefully in a helpful way!

Also of note – I’m a avid supporter of environmental sustainability. After discovering the shocking realities of food waste and hunger insecurities through a college research project, I am actively a conscious consumer, and encourage others to be aware as well.

Well, as my Dad says, “Enough about me. Let’s talk about me!”

I’ll leave you with these rapid fire fun facts!

  • I like ketchup on my eggs.
  • My weird snack obsession is tahini + prunes.
  • Run, swim, bike, box, yoga. I love it all.
  • I used to hate pickles and olives. Now I’m obsessed with both.
  • Hiking in the mountains > laying on the beach.
  • I think red bell peppers are better raw. But give me the cooked green ones.
  • Baba ghanoush is better than hummus.
  • Allergic to cats, but lover of pups.
  • I could live off of tacos, chips, and salsa.
  • Huge coffee lover, but there is no limit to the amount of tea I can consume.
  • I studied abroad in Italy.
  • I’m a budget and couponing junkie. Hello Finance major.

Can you relate? Just wanna say hey? Send me an message or connect on Instagram!