about me

Hey friends!

Welcome to The Sunflower Files – I’m honored that you popped on over to check it out!

So what do we have goin on over here?

A mix of simple sustainability, fun recipes, homemade cards, and joyful moments. 

And the gal behind the files? The culinary curator? The environmental enthusiast? The aspiring artist?

Hey. I’m Katie!

Forever a Kansas girl at heart, I traded wide open spaces for my dream job right out of school – and moved to New York City!

I worked in CPG Business Development by day and was a group fitness instructor by morning and night. During that 3-year  adventure, I started my Instagram page and eventually this blog.

While I love the incredible chaos that is the city, I made the decision to go back to school in an effort to align my eco-focused passions with my business career. I currently live in Austin, TX where I am pursuing my MBA in sustainable supply chain, operations, and strategic innovation. 

So far Austin is a dream! I love exploring the Texas countryside – going on hikes, swimming, biking, running, everything! Oh and the food. Can’t beat the food. 

Why sustainability? After discovering the shocking realities of food waste and hunger insecurities through a college research project, I am actively a conscious consumer, and encourage others to be aware as well. One day, I hope to be a sustainable operations consultant for businesses across multiple industries. 

I also love DIY and crafty projects! Check out my shop page or message me with any custom requests.

Anyway, I hope you find these files to be sources of encouraging inspiration. From eco-tips to flavorful fun recipes – I aim to produce content for everyone to enjoy!

Oh and a few fun facts to close….

  • I like ketchup on my eggs.
  • My weird snack obsession is tahini + prunes.
  • Run, swim, bike, box, yoga. I love it all.
  • I used to hate pickles and olives. Now I’m obsessed with both.
  • Hiking in the mountains > laying on the beach.
  • I think red bell peppers are better raw. But give me the cooked green ones.
  • Baba ghanoush is better than hummus.
  • Allergic to cats, but lover of pups.
  • I could live off of tacos, chips, and salsa.
  • Huge coffee fan!
  • I studied abroad in Italy.
  • I’m a budget and couponing junkie. Hello Finance major.

Can you relate? Just wanna say hey? Send me an message or connect on Instagram!